Vision and Mission


<p>To empower the boys &amp; girls to work in a different walks of life through Islamic and Arts education.</p> <p>Enhancing the educational, social and intellectual status of Muslim community.</p> <p>To enable the Muslims to learn and internalize knowledge from a broad Islamic intellectual perspective.</p> <p>Find unique and talent from the students and provide them with a variety of follow up training and guidance.</p> <p>Standardizing and revising the curricula of Islamic studies, in tune with the contemporary educational methodology and international best practices.</p> <p>Courses and programmes</p> <p>Higher Secondary Course</p> <p>Humanities(Open Private) with Islamic integrated studies</p> <p>Commerce(Open Regular) with Islamic Integrated Studies.</p> <p>Islamic Higher secondary Course under the Integrated Education Council of India(IECI)</p> <p>Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)</p> <p>Graduated Course</p> <p>B.A. Degree in Arabic,B.A.English,B.A Sociology, and B</p>


<p>Study material available online 24/7. Study in your free time, no time management issues, perfect balance between work and study time.</p>