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Vatanappally Orphanage and Islamiya college for orphans was started as a primary madrassa back in1977.Despite financial restraints, orphan care with boarding facility was also added in consideration of the dire situation of many children then prevailed inand around the neighborhood. It was a movement in earnest determination to render support and succor to the deprived.We are aware that we should not limit our care to boarding andeducation alone but should also be active in catering to the emotional well being and intellectual development of the juveniles under our care and commission . They are now being nurtured in an ambience of kindness and understanding so as to heal their shock and gloom of desperation. The sense of security we bestow help them feel reassured and enjoy being together and learn positive interaction .However slowly, they develop self confidence and acharacter rooted in Islamic values. We have a distinct presence in all cultural events and competitions held in Schools and College levels. Our inmates continue to excel in such activities and scale new heights in arts,sports and academic pursuits.