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<p>Human is the only person in the universe who has been blessed with self-determination and the special power to help it.&nbsp; Education is the basic element that enables man to carry out his mission to the universe in a valuable way.&nbsp; The educational process is about enabling man to accurately and clearly distinguish between good and evil, good and bad.&nbsp; Scripture teaches that only through education can one fulfill one's given mission and attain one's place in this universe.&nbsp; Our institution has a special mission to make this goal.&nbsp; Our institutions have the ambitious goal of developing individuals who are capable and capable of leading the world with the changes of the times.&nbsp; Students will have access to a general understanding of moral values &acirc;&euro;&lsaquo;&acirc;&euro;&lsaquo;and lifestyles.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Vatanappally Group of Institutions are one of the foremost Islamiya colleges in Kerala.These institutions began its journey by becoming an institution ofboys &amp;&nbsp; girls education under the auspices of the Comprehensive Integrative Interdisciplinary Islamic Education, and has been able to reach out to various sections of the Islamic movement to bring Islamic physical education to the forefront of society by uplifting them from the community.&nbsp; Graduates of the institute work in the fields of employment and journalism, and the true picture of Islam in the practical life of Muslim families &amp; soceities who had a rare and distorted understanding of Islam.&nbsp; The students who have graduated from this institution have also been able to teach.&nbsp; It is the students of this institution who have consistently secured ranks and high marks in the Islamic Higher Secondary Examination under IECI.&nbsp; In addition, the institute is achieving brilliant success in the Plus Two &amp; Degree examinations</p>