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  • Thrissur Dist., Kerala


Vatanappally Orphanage Committee

The History of Vatanappally Orphanage begins with the establishment of a primary Madrassa. Established in 1977, Vatanappally Orphanage and Islamiya College for Orphans is a mission with a vision. It is a movement in itself offering emotional and intellectual nourishment to its inmates. It is our firm resolves to light up the lives of the Orphans under our cover.

Our curriculum is a fine blend of secular and Islamic disciplines. The institution lays greater stress on including fundamental Islamic values and Character in every student. Understanding the true potential of the youth to change the world in to a better place to live in, we groom them in to socially responsible individuals.


Vatanappally Orphanage

Here we provide a welcoming family atmosphere, an atmosphere of warmth, security and fearlessness. A student Development Council

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Islamiya College For Orphan's Thalikulam

Answering the quest of the period to have God fearing and scholarly youth, we conduct a six year integrated residential program in Arts

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Islamiya College For Orphans Mannam

Educating a girl like educating a generation itself. College at Mannam under take such a big responsibility of main streaming the neglected

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Islamiya College For Orphans Aluva

As a part of our of ensuring easy accessibility of quality and value based education to the maximum possible girls especially orphans

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Kollam Islamiya College Nedumpana

The arts and Islamic course of this college is of 5 year duration. It seek to provide Islamic education along with university degree to the southern

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Model High School Puthiyangadi

Model High School Puthiyangadi is the result of our strong resolve to nature and nourish the orphans and destitute under our care and cover.

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Grace International School

The erstwhile Islamic complex, Umayanellur was taken over by Vatanappally orphanage committee in 2007.

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Nava Jeevan Old Age Home

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Old Students Assosciation (USRA)
Womens Conference Starts



Outstanding Achievements


Vatanappally Orphanage & Islamiya College for Orphans Alumni
Association(usra) is glad to announce a programme for the old students Womens reunion on 14 April, 2018.